In times when sneakers are communicating with your cellphone the Converse One Star is surely a countermovement. Similar to its older sibling the Chuck Taylor, the One Star made its way off the court to become a subcultural staple, indivisibly connected to skateboarding and music culture. From Guy Mariano`s “Mouse” part to Supreme`s “Cherry” Video where film- and cultural tastemaker William Strobeck single handedly made Converse shoes fly off the shelves again. Now with posterboys like Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo or Eli Reed boosting the Converse One Stars and the influence skateboarding culture has on the fashion world up to every Fashion Week runway, the grunge-dust is brushed off and a new breed of creatives have taken over.

Young artists not shy of making mistakes but to push boundaries and take down established norms, driven by the same enthusiasm as back in the days. Take Tylor, the Creator, ASAP Nast or fellow Swede Yung Lean, Converse gives young individualists a platform by showing off their contemporary craftivism to disconnect from the mayham in every way they like. In celebration of the One Star’s resurgence Sneakersnstuff and Converse put the Spotlight on Berlin`s youth during our “No Work” club night below our Store in Berlin.